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The power supply testing room

Main testing internal development series of mobile power supply reliability and the safety of the outsourcing of mobile power supply electrical performance verification test, the test of the project including electrical, no-load and load voltage, active way, input current, filled efficiency, conversion efficiency, cycle life and performance of nuclear power; Integrated performance: indicating function, life of switch, USB output voltage, ripple; Protection function: the overcharge, discharge, reverse filling, overload, short circuit, etc.; Environmental adaptability, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance, high temperature and high humidity resistance, salt fog resistance, temperature cycle storage performance, vibration, drop, cell compatibility, the surface temperature rise and the shell flame retardant performance.

Mobile power supply tester

BTS - 2404, the equipment can test the power supply products under prescribed charging voltage of the charging current, the output of the power supply products of a particular channel no-load voltage and output voltage, maximum output short circuit current or short circuit protection, ac resistance. Support a variety of bar code scanner; You can connect to SQL server through a computer network, set parameters and save the test data; Support online free open calibration.

Wear tester

Using RCA tape, LED screen automatic counting, 0-9999 ring is adjustable, can satisfy all kinds of surface treatment, such as UV paint, rubber paint, coating such as wear resistance test, the instrument adopts the swing arm and vertical combination of fine adjustment screw make test on the force on the object to be tested is accurate, stable and just used to test mobile power shell surface wear resistance.

Best case tool

11 sawtooth blade can line continuously, stretch out the horizontal and vertical direction, the formation of 100 small squares, with strong 3 m gummed paper tore off rapidly, and is mainly used to test mobile power shell plating, paint adhesion performance, guarantee the shell in the process of using permanent non-deformation, discoloration, decoloring.

Mobile power aging tester

RePower CELLTEST V3.70-5 v / 5 a: eight independent testing channel, persistence flow constant voltage mode, the highest working 5 v voltage, working current 5 a, is the company specifically for 5 v1a series mobile power cycle life test. Can continuous automatic, according to the process of setting work step power in place of the previous test test, continuous recording power, voltage, current, capacity and time, as long as you used to test mobile power cycle life performance.

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